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How Does A Survey Help My Business?

Updated: May 9, 2023

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Surveys are easy. Which means engagement is high. 

Plus, everyone likes to be asked their opinion. And according to every social media platform known to mankind, people REALLY like to share their opinion when it can be given anonymously. What is bad for the self-esteem of celebrities is awesome for your business: honest, unfiltered, meaningful feedback. 

Your business can use a survey – or multiple surveys if you want to track opinions over time – to gain valuable intelligence and market research. You can also ascertain current needs or desires. And it can function as a crystal ball, giving you a forewarning about what is likely coming down the road. Your customers may be nearing the end of needing a particular service from you at the same time that they are wishing for something else or a new option. A survey helps your business see what’s coming ahead of time, so you can change and adapt. 

The insight from this kind of information is endless. You can determine how to fine-tune a product or service or create a new menu of services to offer. The feedback can determine what product purchases you need to anticipate. It may help dictate your marketing messaging or where you advertise. You can use the feedback for social media posts or advertisements. 

This information allows you to break your customers into silos or segments, helping you craft intentional messages, to specific groups, on predetermined mediums. Another way of looking at this is to gain the most bang for your buck by reaching exactly who you need to reach, exactly where they are. 

Another opportunity is to open up sales leads. There is almost always a surprise or two in every survey. Maybe you have potential customers or clients out there that you haven’t considered before – market research will help you locate them. 

Want happy customers? We all do! Surveys are like report cards, if you’re brave enough to listen, a survey will gauge exactly how happy or satisfied your current customer base feels about your business. They will let you know if you are passing or failing, and where you need to improve. 

Everyone loves a peek behind the curtain. Now that you’ve looked at your own business, what’s the competition doing? Market research lets you know how your competitors are perceived. What they are doing well and what needs to be addressed. 

Surveys, market research, public opinion… data only strengthens your hand and lets you know the previously unknowable. Want to learn more? It’s just a conversation away. At OHPI, we don’t just hand you data, we hand you answers. We interpret the research so no time is wasted between taking your survey and taking action. Call us today at 480-313-1837 to set up a conversation, or schedule a meeting here.



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