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Our New Website is Live!

Updated: May 8

Last week, we announced our exciting rebrand from O.H. Predictive Insights to Noble Predictive Insights – this week, we are cutting the ribbon for our new website!

Out with the Old, In with the New

The new website has a new look and feel that reflects our new branding, but the aesthetics aren’t the most exciting part. Functionality, ease of use, and content that preemptively answers your questions are the key components of Let’s walk through some of the core improvements from our old website to our new one:

Streamlined Journeys

We understand that, while research is valuable for any organization, the type of research and objectives aren’t the same across the board. Our market research clients aren’t looking for the same answers, services, and audiences as our public affairs clients. So, why make them each sift through our website to find what is most applicable to them?

Our new homepage segments these two different pathways for these two unique journeys right upon entry with the “What are you looking for?” choice to lead you exactly where you want to go. Market research seekers can jump right to the information that is specific to them, and vice versa for public opinion polling seekers.

Deeper Understanding of Research with Noble Predictive Insights (NPI)

Upon entry, we want website visitors to be able to see themselves represented and know whether NPI is a good fit for them. Curious if we work with clients in a particular industry? Our homepage features a list of industries we serve so you can see yours included and be confident that our specialties fall within your realm of research needs.

So, we have all these research services, but how does the process work? We remove mystery on how we conduct research projects by defining the 5 steps of our Proven Process so you can know exactly what the research experience with NPI will look like.

Search, Don’t Scroll

Our old website required you to toggle between content types and scroll through lists of posts to find what you’re looking for, with no option to search for key terms. We thought, “Why make it harder than it needs to be?”

In the Content tab on our new website, we added a search bar and category tags to lead you to the content and topics most relevant to you. Each blog, press release, case study, and dashboard is tagged with their respective topics so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Will Links from the Old Website Still Work?

Yes! All links from our old website will redirect to the respective page or post on our new website, so you’ll have the same access to content even when you click an link.

Other Rebrand Updates

You’ve seen our new name, new logo, and our now our new website! Here’s a quick list of the key updates that will be most relevant to your experience with Noble Predictive Insights:

· New company name: Noble Predictive Insights

· New logos:

· New email address domains:

· New social media handles

o Twitter: @NoblePredictive

We may look different, but we are still the same research experts with the same mission: Elevating the world around us by empowering decision-makers with strategic research, trusted data, and actionable insights.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out our new website!

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