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Twice as Many Arizonans are Against President Trump Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio Versus Those Who are in

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                August 21, 2017

Twice as Many Arizonans are Against President Trump Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio Versus Those Who are in Favor

Arpaio pardon has abysmal support among 54 or younger age demographic, stronger with 55+ crowd

Phoenix, AZ (August 21, 2017) –  The launching pad for the meteoric rise of Donald Trump’s run for President started in Arizona where he promised to build the wall and aggressively tackle illegal immigration. One of President Trump’s earliest, well-known and adamant supporters was Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has always held a tough stance on illegal immigration. Since then Sheriff Arpaio has been found guilty of criminal contempt and is awaiting sentencing. There has been speculation on whether President Trump is going to pardon his loyal supporter, Sheriff Arpaio, at tomorrow’s Phoenix rally.

Participating in this online survey were 1,065 respondents with the sample reflecting the general population across Arizona, based on U.S. Census numbers. Among the results:

The question was stated, “This coming Tuesday, President Donald Trump will be in Arizona to hold a rally. Do you think President Donald Trump should pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the event?”

“Half of Arizonans say pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the Phoenix rally is a bad choice,” said Mike Noble, managing partner and chief pollster at OH Predictive Insights, a Phoenix-based leading behavioral research polling company.

Noble added, “Another interesting takeaway from this survey besides Arizonans overall thinking an Arpaio pardon is a bad idea, it will go over like a lead balloon with the 54 years of age or younger crowd.”

Methodology: This online survey was completed by OH Predictive Insights from August 18th to August 20th, 2017, based on a U.S. Census based Arizona population sample. The sample size was 1,065 completed surveys, with a MoE of ± 3%


Media Contact:

Mike Noble, OH Predictive Insights,, 480-313-1837

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