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POLL: Climate Change Not a Myth to Arizonans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                               May 21st, 2019

Climate Change Not a Myth to Arizonans

A majority from both Parties believe Climate Change is Occurring 

PHOENIX (May 21st, 2019) – More than two-thirds of Arizona voters say climate change is occurring, according to the latest OHPI Arizona Public Opinion Poll (AZPOP).

“The existence of global warming has been hotly debated in the last decade but climate change deniers appear to be losing the battle in Arizona,” said Mike Noble, chief of research for OHPI. “Arizonans of all political stripes told us that they believed climate change is occurring, including 51% of Republicans, who are generally portrayed as solidly against the idea of climate change.”

Among the 18-34 age group, 87% believe climate change is occurring while only 10% did not believe it was occurring. As respondents got older, belief in climate change decreased. Just 58 percent of those above 65 years of age said climate change is real.

Respondents who said “Yes” (n=412) that they believe climate change is occurring were then asked to measure their concern over climate change on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being not at all concerned and 7 being extremely concerned. 50% of respondents said they were extremely concerned while only 6% said that they were not at all concerned.

“The intensity of concern surrounding climate change is really being driven by Democratic voters,” said Jose Delgado, data analyst for OHPI. “A full 74% of Democrats said that they were extremely concerned, 30 points higher than independents.”

While a plurality of respondents from all parties said that they were extremely concerned about climate change, Republican responses appeared more balanced on the scale, with no category being distant to another by more than 12 points.


Methodology: This blended poll was conducted via live caller and IVR. The survey was completed by OH Predictive Insights on May 1, 2019, and May 2, 2019, from an Arizona likely 2020 General Election voter sample. The sample demographics accurately reflected party affiliation, gender, region, and age. The sample size was 600 completed surveys, with an MoE of ± 4%. Numbers may not total 100%, due to rounding.

***The Arizona Public Opinion Poll (AZPOP) is paid for by OH Predictive Insights with the goal to provide Arizonans with accurate and unbiased data related to current events and public opinion.  Questions released are not sponsored by any organization, unless disclosed.  AZPOP does not affiliate or partner with media in the release of its polls.

Media Contacts:   Mike Noble, OH Predictive Insights,, (480) 313-1837

Haylye Plaster, OH Predictive Insights,, (602) 402-5181

About OH Predictive Insights: Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights provides accurate polling, focus groups, data analytics, and advanced targeted marketing to political and non-political clients alike. With leading professionals in the advertising, communication, polling and political arenas, OH Predictive Insights will service political and non-political clients looking to improve their footing on key stakeholders and consumers. For more information, please call 602-402-5181 or submit a request online.



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