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Majority of Caregivers for Arizonans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Support a Medi

New poll finds that 3 in 4 caregivers support Medicaid Managed Care as an option for delivering long-term services and supports

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PHOENIX (June 23rd, 2022)- A new poll found that 3 in 4 caregivers for Arizonans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) support Medicaid Managed Care as an option for delivering Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), such as Home and Community Based Services (HCBS).

The poll, commissioned by Arizona for Better Medicaid (ABM) and conducted by OH Predictive Insights(OHPI), surveyed professional I/DD providers and families to gain an accurate understanding of the needs of I/DD members and those who care for them. The poll of 325 caregivers was conducted from May 4th – May 30th, 2022, and has a margin of error (MoE) of ± 5.43%.

“Those with intellectual and developmental disabilities have not been afforded the opportunity to benefit from a fully integrated health plan option for all of their services, and this poll demonstrates there’s real demand for change from this community,” said Arizona for Better Medicaid Executive Director Bettina Nava. “Expanding choice by offering a fully integrated health plan option for services gives individuals and families a voice and a choice to increase control over their health care.”

Managed Care is a way of organizing health care delivery for better outcomes. Health plans – sometimes called Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) – work with the state to balance resources, to improve quality of care, and connect individuals with care providers. For Arizona’s I/DD community, physical and behavioral services already operate in a Managed Care delivery system through health plans, while HCBS programs, which include home health care, therapy services, adult day care, habilitation, and more, are not integrated as a choice for individuals and families.

Caregivers want to see more accountability and competition in the healthcare delivery system for individuals with I/DD. The poll’s key findings include:

  • 71% of caregivers believe there needs to be more competition in the HCBS care delivery system to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • 78% believe that there needs to be more accountability in the HCBS caregiving delivery system.

  • 63% of caregivers viewed a Medicaid Managed Care option favorably at the start of the poll, and that support grew to 76% after learning more about the model.

  • Caregivers were particularly drawn to the model’s emphasis on ensuring that one case manager is responsible for coordinating care across all services, including HCBS.

“Though support for Medicaid Managed Care was already high among caregivers for Arizonans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it’s interesting to see which elements of the program resonated best with them,” said Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research. “The data shows that security and stability in those responsible for overseeing care and services, as well as flexibility with opportunities to choose a fully integrated health plan, are very important to the caregivers and family members of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability.”

The survey results point to clear support for a Medicaid Managed Care option for Arizonans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Family members and caregivers want more choice and accountability when it comes to providing care for their loved ones.


Methodology: This poll was conducted as an online opt-in panel survey. The survey was commissioned by Arizona for Better Medicaid and completed by OH Predictive Insights from May 4th – May 30th, 2022. The sample size was 325 completed surveys, with an MoE of ± 5.43%. Respondents qualified as a professional caregiver of an individual enrolled with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) or a family member who provides care to an individual enrolled with DDD. This statewide survey was conducted via a blended platform. Numbers may not equal 100% due to rounding.

Media Contacts: Megan Newsham, OH Predictive Insights,, (314) 287-1985

Veronica Sutliff, OH Predictive Insights,, (602) 390-5248

Bettina Nava, Arizona for Better Medicaid,, (602) 228-0105

About Arizona for Better Medicaid: Arizona for Better Medicaid is a multi-stakeholder group of organizations committed to building a better Medicaid system that improves access, quality, outcomes, and affordability by fully integrating Managed Care in Arizona. Arizona for Better Medicaid’s members include healthcare leaders, providers, health plans, and others who are champions of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care. Learn more at

About OH Predictive Insights: As a non-partisan market research, predictive analytics, and public opinion polling firm, Arizona-based OH Predictive Insights provides accurate polling, focus groups, data analytics, and advanced targeted marketing to political and non-political clients alike. With leading professionals in the advertising, communication, polling, and political arenas, OH Predictive Insights serves political and non-political clients looking to improve their footing with key stakeholders and consumers. For more information, please call 480-313-1837 or submit a request online at

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