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Statewide Public Opinion Pulse Surveys

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Our Public Opinion Pulse (POP) polls are statewide surveys currently conducted in Arizona (AZPOP), Nevada (NVPOP), and Utah (UTPOP). The Public Opinion Pulse surveys a base sample of 800 – 1,000 general population state residents (18+ YO) and/or registered and likely voters in each state.

Deploying surveys on a quarterly basis, we are able to ask specific questions that gauge perceptions, opinions, and future decisions of state residents on a number of relevant issues and pressing topics for corporate and political insights. Anywhere from Public Affairs to Consumer Research to Voter Sentiment, the State POP allows data-seekers to look through the 3 unique lenses of general population residents, registered voters, and likely voters in each state for insights most relevant to them.

Organizations and individuals have opportunities before each survey is deployed to customize questions that they are interested in asking state residents, providing the same critical and targeted information at a fraction of the cost of a comprehensive survey.



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