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Brand Tracking Studies

Keep a pulse on vital measurements to gain insights on consumers' views of your brand

Brand tracking surveys are a powerful way to measure a company’s growth by analyzing the perception and opinions of customers. This service allows a company to understand brand awareness and brand value by analyzing how people think about the brand, the frequency they use the brand, customer loyalty, and net promoter scores. By keeping a consistent pulse on the perceptions of and loyalty to your brand, you can track the movement of key elements affecting your bottom line, uncover market insights, and use the data captured from brand tracking surveys to make informed, strategic decisions to optimize sales.

With Brand Tracking Studies, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital measurements such as:

  • Brand Perception

  • Brand Awareness

  • Product Use

  • Consumer Purchase Intent

  • Preference / Competitors

  • Brand Loyalty

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)


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