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Precinct Mapping

Gain valuable insights on election results from a top-down viewpoint

This service maps the result of an election within a specific geographic area in the state. It is a powerful tool that takes targeting voters to a whole new level. By breaking down election results or voter density into its individual precincts, clients will be able to identify exactly where within an area their support comes from – in some cases analyzing a district block-by-block. This will not only allow you to see where in the district a given candidate performs or has performed strongly, but also allows you to identify where in the district “swing” voters live. Learn more about your base support and identify where to deploy your finite resources to push turnout and exceed the 50% mark with Precinct Mapping.


With Precinct Mapping, NPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • Where are the concentrations of each political affiliation in the area?

  • In which districts and specific areas did each candidate in question perform best?

  • In which areas did they perform poorly?

  • Which areas in the region house meaningful concentrations of "swing" voters?

Interested in learning more about
Precinct Mapping?

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