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Voter Data Acquisition

Gain valuable demographic and electoral information on Arizona voters

Voter Data Acquisition allows you to purchase detailed information about voters living in the State of Arizona. This data can be broad, capturing information on all voters living in the Arizona, or it can be focused to a more specific political area like a congressional or legislative district, or a geographic area like county, town, or precinct. The data available on each voter is a combination of demographic information (age, gender, location, telephone number) and electoral information (party registration, general election vote history, primary election vote history). This detailed information can fuel insights and guide strategic decision making for messaging, campaigns, or initiatives by providing targeted data on the key electorate groups in Arizona.

With Voter Data Acquisition, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • Where are there concentrations of each political affiliation in Arizona?

  • What are demographic similarities and differences among each party?

  • What are the voting habits of key demographics, geographics, and party affiliations?



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