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Focus Groups

Detailed qualitative data from targeted prospective customers

Focus Groups are a qualitative research method that interviews a small, carefully selected group that meets the qualifications of the client's target audience. This type of research allows for open discussion and detailed responses to specific questions - responses that are almost impossible to gather from most other survey methods. Today, focus groups can be conducted traditionally by hosting an in-person interview with a small group and facilitating discussion, or they can be held virtually online. With Focus Groups, organizations gain valuable, direct, and actionable insights by asking the right questions to the right people.

Benefits of Focus Groups conducted by OHPI include:

  • Carefully sourced participants who accurately represent a targeted group

  • Open-ended live discussion and feedback

  • Deep insight into perceptions, opinions, and behaviors

  • Direct and immediate access to the feelings, reactions, ideas, and perceptions of your group

  • Flexibility in settings (in-person vs. online) and adaptable to the client's and/or participants' needs

  • Experienced and effective moderators within the OHPI network

  • Use qualitative data to confidently inform internal decision-making


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