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Poll Processing

Eliminate the daunting step of processing your poll with NPI's trusted data processing software and our expert data analysts

If an organization or individual has conducted a poll and collected raw survey data, the next step is to process the poll. While survey data is valuable to ANY organization, not all have access to the software that allows them to accurately and efficiently process the poll. NPI has the ability to conduct this processing (i.e. weight the data and generate topline, crosstab, and QxQ reports) of your polling data on your behalf, delivered in a digestible format and with your company's branding. We have the ability to generate reports in pdf or Excel formats and can provide unweighted reports, weight them to the demographics the client provides, or generate the proper demographic weights ourselves. NPI offers lightning-fast turnaround (often just 1-2 business days) for poll processing, including reports white-labeled with the client's branding. With our Poll Processing service, you and your organization or client can take the grueling task of processing the poll off your plates with the confidence that the results of your survey will be cleaned, organized, and digestible.


With our Poll Processing service, NPI can provide:

  • Toplines

  • Crosstabs

  • Question by Question (QxQ) Reports

  • Unweighted Reports

  • Reports weighted by client-provided demographics

  • Reports weighted by NPI's standard demographics

  • Excel or PDF formatting

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Client Feedback

“I know that when I work with this organization that I’m going to get a good quality product and that I’ve got a real partner that’s going to take the time to really understand what it is we are trying to achieve."

Bryan Jeffries, President of Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

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Poll Processing?

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