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Intercept Surveys

Collect feedback and evaluate respondents' experiences with the right questions at the right time

Intercept Surveys collect onsite feedback from a target audience by "intercepting" their browsing, shopping, or learning experience. Traditionally conducted in-person and often at brick-and-mortar locations, Intercept Surveys have evolved with time and technology. This survey research is now widely popular online, intercepting website browsing or online shopping to ask users questions specific to their experience. Online, these surveys can include multiple question types (multiple choice, open-ended, ranking/rating, etc.) for detailed insights.

Intercept Surveys are useful for gaining a deep understanding of the user experience at any point from start to finish. Learn why and how they found an online space, find out their goals, wants, and needs in their search, gauge their satisfaction with products/services, and understand pain points or identify reasons that users choose to leave. With Intercept Surveys, you can capture raw, in-the-moment feedback that fuels data-driven insights on your target audience.

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