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Observe first-hand the behavior and interactions of your audience within a particular context or environment

Ethnographies are a dynamic qualitative research method that allows us to immerse ourselves into a particular brand or community by observing where they live, work, and shop. This approach gives you direct access to the culture and practices of a group by witnessing their behavior and interactions up close. Ethnographies provide the ability to interview respondents while they are in the process of doing activities like shopping, cooking, or using a product/service, giving you a live look at the actual customer experience from start to finish. 


Often longer than In-Depth Interviews, Ethnographies can facilitate the development of a deeper relationship between the interviewer and participants, resulting in more trustworthy and candid responses. While traditionally held in person in the applicable environment, this research method can also be applied to website browsing or online shopping to ask users questions specific to their experience. Learn why and how they found an online space, find out their goals, wants, and needs in their search, gauge their satisfaction with products/services, and understand pain points or identify reasons that users choose to leave.

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