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Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Expand and amplify market and consumer knowledge with geographic, demographic, and psychographic breakdowns

Customer profiling enhances the company’s knowledge of their customers by segmenting them into subcategories to better leverage marketing dollars and tactics. Consumer and market data helps organizations identify areas that are under-performing or opportunities to optimize marketing efforts. Segmentation informs strategic decisions in order to establish groups or themes within the company’s consumer base. It divides customers into clusters that are characterized by similar traits like age, interests, price-point willingness, location, and more. One of the key advantages of this segmentation is that it allows for intelligent and more competent advertising. Insights derived from this research service helps companies develop new products, discover undeserved markets, and effectively target groups with focused marketing resources.


With Customer Profiling & Segmentation, NPI can provide data-driven market insights and segments based on:


  • Magnified views of specific regions and areas where your target group(s) live, play, shop, learn, work, and more



  • Unique and shared characteristics of your customers, such as age, gender, household income, affiliations (political party, religion, etc.), education level, ethnicity, marital status, employment status, and more



  • Lifestyles, purchasing behaviors, and habits of your target group(s)

  • Group by interests, values, likes/dislikes, pain points, goals, and more

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