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Brushfire Surveys

Gauge changes in voter sentiment and measure progress on a ballot among key demographics with a short survey

Brushfire surveys are polls taken during the period between the benchmark poll and tracking polls, typically focused on likely voters or registered voters. These shorter surveys provide quick results and a far less cumbersome temperature check on the electorate than a baseline survey. The value a Brushfire survey provides a campaign or consulting firm is to understand any progress made on a ballot and gauge voters' opinions on the candidate or issue. Our expert Data Analysts segment the data to accurately identify key demographics in which a campaign is making or losing ground. This includes measuring any changes in favorability, job approval, name ID, message effectiveness, and a number of other leading identifiers of voter sentiment.

Brushfire surveys also play an instrumental role in gaining insights about campaign messaging - both positive and negative - on themselves and their opponents. Learn how effective a campaign's messaging is and what tactics and type of messaging resonates best with key demographics. Inform your strategic planning with data-backed insights on what message to drive and what to avoid.

With a Brushfire Survey, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • What is the name ID, favorability, and/or job approval of a candidate among registered and likely voters?

    • Who is most likely to vote for whom in an election?

  • What changes (if any) in voter opinions and sentiment have occurred since the benchmark poll?

    • Among which key demographics can these changes be seen?

  • How well is your campaign performing among voters? 

    • Which tactics resonated best with your target groups and key demographics?

    • What type of messaging resonates best with these groups?

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Brushfire Surveys?

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