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Public Opinion Polls: As Close to Mind-Reading as Humanity Can Get

Updated: May 9, 2023

When we were kids, one of the common icebreaker questions that we would be asked in a new group situation was, "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" You would hear answers like flying, super speed, or my personal favorite -- mind-reading. We all know that the abilities we see in any good Marvel film are out of human reach, but there is one ability that NPI has practically perfected in our industry - one of the reasons our name is Noble Predictive Insights.

Our superpower: accurate and relevant public opinion polling

While our team of data analysts and polling professionals are experts in predictive insights, we can't in good conscious call them "mind-readers." What we can do, however, is discover the perceptions and opinions surrounding your initiative, candidate, or issue directly from the minds of registered voters with our Baseline Public Opinion Polls.

Baseline Public Opinion Polls collect the opinions and perceptions of registered and likely voters on key elements of public policy, proposed legislation, announced or potential candidates, or other initiatives you'd like to test. This allows you and your stakeholders to determine who needs to be targeted, how your messages are relayed, and gauge how strong any potential opposition is. Our data team uses their expertise to identify the supporters, opposers, and the persuadable to help you build a strategic, data-driven foundation for campaigns and communications plans.

Want to see an example of the insights NPI can find from public opinion polling? Click below to see Press Releases from our Statewide Public Opinion Pulse (POPs) conducted in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah: Public Opinion Press Releases

Public Opinion is essential to political candidates, policymakers, and lobbyists who need to test their messaging before campaigning, identify voters' perceptions of public policies, or simply take the guesswork out of learning what voters value most.

With a Baseline Public Opinion Poll, NPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • What is the name ID and favorability of a candidate among registered voters?

    • Who is most likely to vote for whom in an election?

  • What perceptions and opinions do voters have regarding specific policy issues or proposed legislation?

  • What are voters' opinions and perceptions of your messaging?

    • What type of messaging resonates best with your target group(s)?

Interested in a Baseline Public Opinion Survey? Click here to schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can help you with public opinion survey research

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