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Pre Post Advertising Campaign Survey

Gain an accurate measure and an in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Test and track awareness, sentiment, and opinions on your product/service, brand, advertising campaign, or other marketing activities. A Pre-Post test survey provides insights directly from your target audience on your marketing efforts by first administering a pre-test acting as a baseline to measure key brand metrics, then administering a post-test with the advertising campaign and measuring those metrics again. This gives you a high-definition picture of how your campaign effected key metrics like awareness, intent to purchase, and perception, and among which key demographics these effects are seen.

Based on the results, our expert Data Analysts are able to provide actionable insights into your campaign and audience base, and our Marketing and Advertising industry experts can provide strategic recommendations on adjustments you should make to your campaign in order to achieve your objectives.

With a Pre - Post Advertising Campaign Survey, OHPI can provide data-driven insights on vital questions such as:

  • What are the current perceptions, opinions, purchasing intents, and other key metrics surrounding your brand, company, or product?

    • How did these change in the post-test after your target audience was presented with your advertising campaign?

  • Are you reaching the right audience?

  • Are you conveying the right message?

    • What type of messaging resonates best with your target group(s)?


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