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Arizonans Do Not Support Government Shutdown Over Funding a Wall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 Jan. 14, 2019   

Arizonans Do Not Support Government Shutdown Over Funding a Wall


Key Survey Insights

  1. Overall support is 30.7%, opposition is 45.9%, and 23.4% have no opinion

  2. Among those with an opinion, 40.9% support and 59.1% oppose

  3. Strongest opposition comes from Females 18-44 years old, averaging a net margin of approximately -41%


PHOENIX, AZ (January 14, 2019) – Arizona is the catalyst for then candidate-now-President Donald Trump where he planted the flag opposing illegal immigration and building a wall along the U.S./Mexico border. Now, with a federal government shutdown the border wall is the linchpin to open the government back up. OH Predictive Insights and KTAR News teamed up to find out whether or not the general public of Arizona supports the shutdown of the government over the wall – the results were shocking.

“When it comes to the government shutdown and a wall on the U.S./Mexico border it is not just a political issue, but an everyday citizen issue,” said Mike Noble, managing partner and chief of research at OH Predictive Insights, a Phoenix-based leading behavioral research company. “Arizona has been a hotbed for illegal immigration issues for many years and to find Arizonans do not support a government shutdown for funding a wall is surprising, to say the least.”

Arizonans surprisingly do not support shutting down the government for funding a border wall with Mexico with only 30.7% in support, 45.9% who oppose, and 23.4% having no opinion. In a survey thru partnership from KTAR News with nationally recognized research company, OH Predictive Insights, 1,246 residents were surveyed statewide based on Arizona Census numbers. Among the results:

Individuals were asked: Do you support or oppose President Trump’s decision to shut down the federal government over funding a wall along the U.S./Mexico border?

Methodology: This online survey was completed by OH Predictive Insights from January 8, 2018, to January 10, 2018, from a statewide Arizona general population sample. The sample demographics accurately reflect gender and age. The sample was weighted to Arizona 2017 Census numbers. The sample size was 1,246 completed surveys, with an MoE of ± 2.78%. Numbers may not total 100%, due to rounding. Poll report for the Arizona General Population poll can be viewed here.


Media Contact:

Martha Maurer, KTAR News,, 602-200-2665

Haylye Plaster, OH Predictive Insights,, 602-402-5181

About OH Predictive Insights

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